After-sale service



The branches and service outlets:

Northern region:13979018801/13361706655( thin minister )

Central region:13979019377(summer minister )

The eastern region:13907906293/13979004480( the minister )

Southern Region:13879022282/18008412822( Xu minister )

Sichuan, Yunnan area:13507907055( Hu minister )

Sichuan Nanchong area:0817-2813869( total )

Jiangxi Nanchang office:0791-6495578/13907906293/13970956188( Lebanese Minister )

Jiangxi Xinyu area:13576469288( vice )

Jiangxi Fuzhou area:13317902526( electric )

Jiangxi Fuzhou district maintenance:0794-8237726( electric )

Hunan Changsha Office:0731-82232673( Xu minister )

Hunan Changsha area maintenance:13017395201( week )

Hunan Changde area:13979008668/13786690876( Shen total )

Hunan Loudi area:13873840970( beam )

Hunan Loudi district maintenance:13873840970( beam )

Shanxi:0351-3343656( King )

Hebei Handan area:13703309427/13903102397( total )

Hebei Handan district maintenance:0310-2058229( total )

Hebei Baoding area:13731055088( total )

Hebei Baoding district maintenance:0312-3026601( total )

Shandong, Beijing:010-65438845/13907907448/13361706767( NIE total )

Shandong, Beijing ( Shandong Dezhou) maintenance:0534-2664717/010-65438845( Beijing)

Shandong Ji'nan area:0531-86962266( Zhao total )

Ningxia:13709517829( Yang )

Ningxia area maintenance:0951-3970081( Yang )

Xinjiang:0999-8028122( general )

Hubei:13607908667( in total )

Hubei area maintenance:13607908667( in total )

Shenzhen:13823698867/13424400067( fan total )

Shenzhen area maintenance:0755-28151119( fan total )

Guangdong Dongguan phone:0769-81839828( Chan )

Guangdong Dongguan Fax:0769-81839829( Chan )

Guangdong Shanwei area:0660-6863030( Yang )

Guangdong Meizhou area:0753-3318555( had total )

Beijing:010-87583367/13911680069( in general )

Fujian Quanzhou area:15959505788( Lu total )

Fujian Quanzhou district maintenance:0595-85662732( Lu total )

Fujian Xiamen area:13850015306( five total )

Fujian Xiamen area:0592-5197965( Wu total )

Guizhou Guiyang area:13885081728( five total )

Guizhou Guiyang area maintenance:0851-5938808( Wu total )

Guangxi Beihai area:13825792719( LI )

Guangxi Beihai district maintenance:0779-20953387( LI )

Guangxi Guilin area:0773-5813099( LI )

Anhui Fuyang area:0558-7106001( Palace total )

Yunnan Chuxiong area:0878-3132549( King )

Medical Ossetia agent:0791-85634818( Deng total )